As of June 22, 2019

Hon. Sandra Allen

Ophelia Averitt

Cora Yvonne Banks**

Dr. Lezli Baskerville, Esq.**

Dr. Michelle Battle

Venecia C. Bessellieu**

Marilyn Blakely

Stephen Blakely

Janice Brooks

Althalena Brown

Theresa Buckson, MD

Dr. Geraldine Carter

Valesay Cherie

Dr. Jessie Clareville

Jacqui Collins

Yvonne Conwell**

Leora Cooper**

Jill Cloud

Shanise Craft

Leora Davis

Veronica Davis-Smith

Lynn Dymally

Marvelle Edelin

Arit Essien

Leslie Gill-Brassfield

Marilyn Gingham

Jerelyn Gladden

Ruth Gray

Carolyn Holmes

Cecila Hope**

Mosolene Hopkins

Wanda Jordan**

Bishop Dr. Barbara L. King

Darnell Lee

  in memory of

  Sheila Stewart*

Gwendolyn Lofton**

Alverta Lopez

Hon. Daisy W. Lynum

Hardisha Miler

Margaret Moore

Marguerite Morris**

Teresa Morning**

Gwen Newman-Jones

Dr. Jynona Norwood**

Amicita Maloon-Gibson

Bernice J. Oden

Stephanie Owens

Margaret A. Pemberton

Shirley Carter Powell

Dr. Nancy Quarles

Walesia Robinson, MD

Dr. Susan Ruffin

Johnnie Scott-Rice

Bizunesh Scott, Esq.

Terrence Scott

  in memory of his mother

  Gwendolyn S. Taylor *

Thelma Scott

Nia 2X

Judge Doris Smith-Ribner

Linda Jo Smith

Jacqniece R. Smith

Dr. Marie Spivey**

Beatrice Thomas**

Viola Thomas-Hughes

Mark Thompson

  in memory of his

  mother Janet*

Marlena Tracy**

Christine Vaughn

Leslie White**

Vivian White

Dr. Cecile Williams

Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.

Dr. Alberta K. Wilson

Dr. Thea W. Wilson**

Hon. Nadine Winter*


*   -  Deceased

** -  Sustaining Life                           Membership

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